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LBC provide roof cleaning across London and surrounding boroughs.

Pressure Washing & BioWash Soft Washing

For every roof cleaning project we assess the roof and the material of the tiles and from our years of experience we will let you know which method of cleaning is most suitable for your roof.

Contrary to popular hear say, pressure washing is a perfectly acceptable cleaning method for certain types of roof, namely roofs with clay tiles that are in good condition.

We’ve can an array of skills to help us safely access your roof, whether hired access is needed or even rope access. We have the solution.

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Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Controlled spraying of a biocidal wash

Remove stains, algae, moulds and moss

Roots and spores removed

Restore the aesthetic beauty of your roof

Improve the roof longevity

Pressure Wash Roof Cleaning

For an instant, dramatic change to your roofs appearance pressure washing could be the right method. However, pressure washing is not suitable for all types of roofs, so get an expert opinion before you go doing some irreversible damage.

Pressure washing roof cleaning, is using high pressure water jets to remove years of dirt, moss and algae etc, however this method is only advisable for certain types of tiled roofs and also if the cement work is solid.

There are several different access methods  that can be used for pressure a roof. Depending on the job and access to the roof you may need cherry picker hire, rope access or ladder access.

We also have market leading surface cleaning technology which allows us to clean the roof using high pressure while minimising the mess created.

Pressure Washing and Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

What is Softwash Roof Cleaning?

Simply, soft wash roof cleaning, is cleaning a roof using chemicals applied at a low pressure. It is an alternative to pressure washing a roof.

One way to clean a roof is by the controlled spraying of a biocideal wash, for example, products  including softwash solutions and Bio Wash. These biocide solutions will kill any biofilm such as moss algaes and litchen.

LBC are authorised Biowash agents for the softwash cleaning of roofs in Harrow, Pinner, Northwood and Stanmore using the Biowash solutions

Part two of the cleaning process involves us revisiting the site to remove the dead moss. This does not damage the roofing tiles like removing live moss will. We then retreat the roof to make sure any remaining roots and spores that may have penetrated into the porous surface are killed.

Read about the relatively new method of cleaning roof tiles Soft washing

Can I Pressure Wash My Roof?

This is often a question we are asked by our clients, the answer is….

Some roof tiles are suitable for pressure washing such as slate and clay. Some old concrete tiles are not suitable for pressure washing as the surface of the tile can be damaged leaving the tile more water absorbent.

Is the roof in good structural repair?

Your roof may be dirty and covered in moss but are all the tiles in the correct place and is the pointing on the ridges still strong?

You can Pressure wash your roof if it is in good structural condition, the pointing is strong and there are no visible entry points for water such as cracks or missing tiles

With every roof clean we inspect the roof to establish the condition of the roof, the type of tile and then we inform our customers of the best process for restoring their roof whether that is pressure washing, soft washing or sometimes just removing the moss.

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Biowash Roof Cleaning

Amazing non-pressure roof cleaning

Soft washing is the new and improved method of cleaning surfaces such as roof tiles. When cleaning roof tiles there is the danger of damaging the tiles by using high pressured cleaning. Soft washing only cleans the moss and dirt off the surface of the tile by using a calculated mixture of chemicals which are sprayed by low pressure onto the affected area, and washed off after the chemicals have killed the moss, dirt and algae.

Restore roofs, walls and any other surface where algae or moss has damaged the aesthetics.

First Stage - Biocide Treatment

Second Stage - Revisit site to remove dead moss

Third Stage - Clean up


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