Driveway Cleaning

There are several different methods for cleaning your driveway. The most common method is pressure washing. Pressure washing can help to transform your driveway removing years of built up dirt, moss, algae, and weeds. Weeds are very common in block paved driveways, as they grow in between the gaps. Pressure washing can remove the weeds, and make your driveway look new again.

When is the best time of year to pressure wash my driveway?

You can pressure wash your driveway any time of year. However, if you have block paving you will need to re-sand the paving after cleaning and in the colder, damper months, , it will not be suitable for this as the blocks are likely to stay damp.
Especially if you want to seal your driveway with a protective coating. Then it’s better to do it in the spring or summer months, when the temperatures are higher, and there’s much drier weather.

What is Driveway sealing?

Sealing is applying a protective coating to your driveway, once the surface is fully dry after cleaning. It can be applied to block paving or to natural stone patio slabs. Sealing basically puts a protective layer on the surface, which is oil and water resistant. It also helps to harden the sand between the gaps, which will help to deter future weed growth.

Some sealers we recommend, and we use, are Smart Seal and Resiblock sealers. They are two of the leading sealer suppliers in the UK.

What is the best application method for the sealer?

We recommend using a sprayer application for applying sealer. The main reason for this is, when applying a sealer with a roller, especially on block paving (where you have jointing sand in between the blocks). It can roll up some of the sand, and then, get the sand in the surface sealant, which doesn’t leave a good finish. We much more prefer using a sprayer, a chemical resistant sprayer, such as the GLORIA sprayer, with Viton seals.

Should I pressure wash my driveway or should I soft wash my driveway?

So, if your driveway is full of weeds, we’d recommend firstly having a weed killer application, at least up to 24 hours before any pressure washing. This helps to kill the weeds down to the root. Once they are removed from the pressure washer, there’s less chance of them coming back.

We’re often asked whether it’s best to pressure wash or soft wash a driveway or patio. It really depends on the condition of the driveway or patio. We recommend that you do not pressure wash either surface repeatedly (as in year after year), as recurring pressure washing can lead to damage. This is often seen in block paving.

People that pressure washer block paving year after year, end up making the blocks duller, and a sandy, gritty texture begins to show. The blocks lose their aesthetic look and become weathered and tired looking.

So especially for flat surfaces, with no joints, soft washing is definitely a viable option, especially if the patio or driveway is suffering from green moulds and organic staining. Sometimes cold pressure washing alone will not remove these green stains, or the black spot that you can see on the patio, which is actually lichen growing in the stone. For this, we recommend using a soft wash solution, to get rid of the black spots, and get rid of the green staining, as this actually kills the organic growth.

How much does driveway cleaning cost?

Right now, in 2019 our average charge for a one-car block paved driveway for a local customer, is between £250 and £350, plus VAT, to clean and re-sand. If you’re adding a good sealer, such as a Smart Seal sealer, or a Resiblock sealer, you can look to add £200 to 300 hundred pounds on top of this cost.

What factors influence the price of driveway cleaning?

So, the condition of the driveway will influence the price. The more weeds, and the more weed growth there is, then the more moss and algae, and the deeper the dirt. If there’s lots of black spots… The stronger the clean that is needed to bring it up to a good condition.

The condition of the driveway will influence the price. Also, the size of the driveway will obviously influence the price, and other conditions such as access. Is there parking nearby? As many pressure washing companies have vehicle-mounted systems that need to access, the cleaning area needs to be within 50 to 100 meters of the cleaning area.

Is there good drainage, or does the water pool when it rains, or when you’re going to be cleaning the driveway?. Is there going to be water pooling, that needs a water vacuum recovery system.Is there drainage? is the drainage free, and not blocked up? Because this would be an additional job. If the water can’t drain away, maybe the drains need unblocking.

How much does driveway cleaning cost per square meter?

There are many professional companies that advertise pressure washing prices from as little as £3 per square meter. And that is around the going rate, around £3-4 pounds per square meter for cold pressure washing. That is the standard rate at the moment.

However, you need to be aware that there is a minimum call-out charge to cover the fixed costs that the company incurs, just to send trained professional staff and professional equipment to your job. So do factor in a minimum call out charge. We recommend anywhere between £125, to £175 plus VAT, dependent on where you are.

How much does patio cleaning cost?

Well, patio cleaning varies in cost. And again, there are several factors which influence the price of patio cleaning. Dependent on the degree of that, a moss build up, moss and algae build up on the patio, you may need pressure washing, plus a soft wash, to get rid of that stubborn black spot staining, and green algae staining.

If this is required, and when compared to just pressure washing, it will be more expensive, as there is chemical material cost. Also, other factors which influence the price for patio cleaning, is the size of the area. How many square meters is the area? How is the access to the area? Front driveways are a bit more accessible than patios.

If you have side or rear access, and parking at the front of the house, then then the access will not be too difficult. However, if you do not have any side or rear access, then going through the house may be the only option. This will add some money to the price of the job, because we as a professional company, put down, for protection, when we’re bringing our hoses and equipment through the property.

What are the Black Spots on My Patio?

The black spots that are on your patio are actually black lichen. They grow from spores and flourish in porous stones and love the British climate.

If  your patio has black spots and you want these removed, there is an additional process using a chemical to remove these black spots, which will add to the price of the job. But generally, again, the prices stuff from free pounds per square meter for patio cleaning. And again, don’t forget about the minimum call out charge, which covers the fixed costs that the company incurs.

So what level of patio restoration are you looking for?. Do you just want a pressure wash?.

Do you need pressure washing and maybe some re-jointing?. There’s several different methods, a coup that we use for re-jointing: pointing, which is the traditional sand and cement method, or a jointing compound, which sets hard, and looks like sanded cement, but isn’t quite maybe as strong as sand and cement.

And sand and cement jointing or pointing is a lot more expensive than jointing compound, when combined with the labour, because it takes a lot longer to apply the jointing to the gaps. It’s a very labour-intensive process.

If you’re looking to seal the patio, you need to understand what type of patio slab it is. Is it a natural stone, or is it a man made stone? Natural stone sealers are generally more expensive, but we recommend using natural stone sealers, from Smart Seal, such as enhanced natural stone sealer, which protects the slabs, but also enhances the colour and the appearance of the stone.

How long does driveway cleaning take?

With professional equipment, driveway cleaning can be done in a fairly fast time.When compared to using a home system, such as a domestic karcher pressure washer. Which can take up to all day, and leave inferior results.