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Are you looking for a professional, experienced brick cleaning company for your project?

LBC have cleaned thousands of square metres of brickwork over the years. We work with development companies, brickwork contractors and home or building owners to make their buildings look great .

Our preferred method for brick cleaning and restoration is using the DOFF steam cleaning system however we can also use TORC or IBIX systems.

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Cleaning Brick Walls

Cleaning brick walls?

The main reasons for cleaning your walls are to remove some of the following stains

Organic staining– The Walls may have turned green with algae contamination

Cement Staining– Walls are often stained with cement splashes or building dust during building work. Scaffold rash is where layers of building dust and staining can be seen on the brickwork where the scaffolding levels were erected alongside the brickwork. This can be very visible after the scaffolding comes down and the bricks need to be washed down.

Carbon staining– Also referred to as atmospheric pollution, this is where bricks turn black in colour on the face of the brick due to pollution staining.

What to look for when choosing a brick cleaning contractor 

When choosing a brick cleaning contractor it’s important that you choose a professional, experienced company.

You want to ensure they use the correct cleaning methods and do not just blast the brickwork with high pressured water which will damage the bricks and pointing.

Look for evidence of previous jobs and examine before and after pictures or ask for references from previous jobs.

Ensure the company has the correct liability insurances

If using acid or chemicals to remove staining such as carbon or cement staining ensure that the operators are COSHH trained and use chemicals or acids safely.

How much is brick cleaning?

Brick cleaning can start from as little as £2+vat / Square metre for large commercial projects. This is when there are multiple plots to wash and there is a clear run of work.

Domestic projects, where the size of the job is much smaller prices from around £10+vat/ square metre.

There are several factors which influence the cost which include;

  • The size of the job
  • Access to water and power
  • Whether any chemicals are required to achieve desired outcome (what stains need removing)
  • Access – Is direct access from scaffolding available or is there need for telescopic equipment or a cherry picker to access the cleaning area?

How do you clean a brick face?

The best method is by using a combination of high temperature and low pressure. One system that can be used for brick face cleaning is the DOFF steam cleaning machine.

How do you clean a brick house?

Hire an experienced, professional contractor

There are professional companies that offer a steam cleaning services to clean a house using the correct methods such as LBC. A combination of chemical application and steam cleaning may be required if you are looking to remove carbon staining from your house. If it is light building staining or organic staining that you are looking to remove from your house then no chemicals are required. Read more about Steam cleaning here 

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