Bin Cleaning Process

  1. Following the refuse collection and whilst still empty, the wheelie bin is lifted into the washing position by a hydraulic ram.
  2. The next part of the wheelie bin cleaning process sees the inside of the wheelie bin blasted with water (jet washing) and a biodegradable sanitising agent from a lance with active high pressure jet heads, delivering 21 litres per min at up to 150 bar pressure.
  3. After the operator uses a hand held high pressure lance to clean the wheelie bin’s exterior, handles and lid areas.
  4. The wheelie bin is then rinsed out and all waste water collected, filtered and re-cycled within the washing unit. (wheelie bin cleaning process is environmentally friendly)
  5. The wheelie bin is then mopped out removing any hard on grime or dirt that has been missed whilst removing excess water to leave the wheelie bin dry.
  6. The wheelie bin is then lowered and coated with a deodorising disinfectant solution.
  7. Finally, the wheelie bin is returned clean and fresh its storage area.Any waste material collected from the bins during the cleaning process is sealed into plastic waste bags to be disposed of in an approved manner.HOT WASH NOW AVAILABLE – For more demanding applications we use hot water steam technologycleaning at temperatures of up to 150° at us for more information.This washing process meets the high standards outlined by The Environment Agency

Cleaning a Wheelie Bin